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Working With A Lender

Our Preferred Lenders Will Help Find the Best New Construction Loan for You

Financing your dream home should not be a nightmare. We have chosen our preferred lenders for a reason – they understand new construction financing and will work with you to find the best new home loan. From $0 down VA loans to 10% down traditional loans, we have exceptional financing packages for everyone. 

With our construction programs and loans, it’s now possible to purchase your land, install wells, septic systems, and make other property improvements, and finance construction — all with just one loan.

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Secure Your Financing

It’s always good to meet with a loan officer early in the process and to start the loan process so your options are clear and to ensure you’re looking at a reasonable budget. 

With a custom home loan there are extra steps that will be required, but a knowledgeable experienced new construction loan officer will help you through this process.

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