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Increase business through buyer-financed projects. Leads come directly to you through the NewHomes.House platform, frequently with a home plan ready to be built, and with their own financing. 

Our software will allow you to easily view various builds status. We also provide an online platform and repository for communications, selections, and scheduling, freeing you up to do more of what you do best, building.

All at no cost to you.

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Simplifying the Custom Home Building Process

Selling new homes is now easy and profitable. Just follow the simple checklist..

  • Become a builder partner. Contact us to submit an application.
  • Ensure the home buyer locates their dream property using our MLS Property Search app.
  • Once the home buyer selects their pre-priced, fully-customizable home plan from our Home Plan Catalog, schedule a site visit with the home buyer  to assess utility and other site-related costs.
  • Work with the home buyer to make any changes to the home plan,  and send them to NewHomes.House to finalize.
  • Finalize the cost (if any changes have been made) and prepare the contract, cost breakdown, and bank package for signing and submission to one of our preferred lenders.
  • Our lender will process the application, and approximately 4 weeks later, the construction loan will fund.
  • You will be paid in regular intervals during the construction process.
A Builder Solving Builders' Problems

Co-founded by a builder with over 1,000 homes and 25+ years’ experience, NewHomes.House solves many builder issues (namely cash flow) with buyer-financed, pre-sold homes. Using the pre-priced, engineered yet customizable home plans, the home buyers come to the builder with realistic expectations in line with their budget. Using the plans as a starting point also cuts down on time spent on design and financing.

With the platform repository for selections, changes, communication and scheduling, you can concentrate on completing homes!

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Click here to start the process to become a NewHomes.House Certified Builder.

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